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City of Melbourne | Real Estate Agent GPYinson

City of Melbourne | Real Estate Agent GPYinson

Melbourne’s population of 4 million enjoys a temperate climate and an abundance of economic and lifestyle opportunities.
Melbourne has traditionally rivalled Sydney as Australia’s premier city. From the outsider’s point of view, it’s fair to say this is a competition Sydney has won. So, you would not want to mention this in Melbourne though!


In quality of life surveys, Australian cities score strongly compared with cities in other countries. The Economist Intelligence Unit has rated Melbourne as Australia’s best city for multiple times. As you might expect, any city rated as Australia’s best will also be one of the world’s best. The Economist Intelligence Unit rates Melbourne (along with Vancouver and Vienna) as the world’s best cities to live in.

City of Melbourne | Real Estate Agent GPYinson
On top of these, Melbourne scores the highest possible mark for all categories, including infrastructure, housing, education, access, environmental focus, crime rate, culture and cultural events, diversity and climate.

Although Melbourne’s weather can be changeable, it scores the highest climate mark of any Australian city, partly because of its dry summer heat. Melbourne has a thriving cafe culture and offers its residents virtually unlimited dining and cultural opportunities. The shopping certainly rivals Sydney’s and there are a huge number of parks and gardens around the city. Melbourne also plays host to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Australian Tennis Open, and, in Golf, the Heineken Classic and Australian Open.

City of Melbourne | Real Estate Agent GPYinson


According to the Bureau of Statistics, around one third of Melbourne’s residents were born overseas.
People from the UK are Melbourne’s biggest migrant group, making up 5 percent of the population. The next biggest groups are Chinese (8.5%) Indian (3%) Italians (2%), Vietnamese (2%) Greeks (2%), and New Zealanders (2%).Between 2011 and 2016, the number of people born overseas increased by 258207 or 20.5%.
The largest changes in birthplace countries of the population in this area between 2011 and 2016 were for those born in China (+65,064 ), India (+54,529 ), Vietnam (+12,013 ), and New Zealand (+11,830 )

Around 10% of Melbourne’s population came from Asian countries and 2% come from the Middle East or North Africa. Aboriginal Australians represent less than 0.5% of Melbourne’s population. With multi-culture blended in this one city, it has been one of the factor making this city livable. No wonder, the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s Spiros Alatsas said multiculturalism is the state’s biggest strength.


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